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National Nutrition Month

March 21, 2023

This month we’re celebrating National Nutrition Month! Practicing a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and consistent exercise positively impacts our health in so many ways. An easy way to ensure you get all the nutrients your body needs is by incorporating dairy into your daily diet. 

Dairy is a nutrient-dense food that contains 13 essential nutrients: Zinc, Calcium, Iodine, Potassium, Protein, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Niacin, and Selenium. These nutrients are vital to ensuring our bodies are properly regulated and running. In addition to being packed with nutrients, dairy is made up of about 85 percent water and includes 8 grams of protein per glass, making it an ideal beverage to fuel up and hydrate your body. 

There are many different options of dairy to choose from. Milk is the most nutrient dense and easy to incorporate–by the glass, in a smoothie, in your coffee and more. Even if you are lactose intolerant or just prefer milk with a lower fat content, there is a wide range of options. Find a milk that fits just right for you here. If milk isn’t for you, you can still get these essential nutrients by consuming dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and kefir. In addition, yogurt, kefir and even buttermilk offer probiotics to regulate and improve gut health. When it comes to the world of cheese there are hundreds, no thousands of types of cheese. Depending on the type of cheese, nutrient density as well as lactose levels fluctuate. There really is a dairy product for everyone.

Using dairy as an additive to your meals is a great way to make sure you get all the nutrients dairy provides. Check out these delicious, dairy-filled and nutritious recipes below.

Rise n’ Shine with Dairy  

Kickstarting your day with a hearty, nutritious breakfast wakes your body up and gives you the energy to tackle your day. If you’re looking for a breakfast on the go, a true crowd-pleasing brunch or something slow to start your Sunday morning with, look no further, we’ve got you covered!

Not Your Typical Brown Bagged Lunch

The lunch hour is the best time to recharge your batteries before continuing your day. Lucky for you we have a handful of recipes that have high nutritional value to keep you moving throughout the rest of the afternoon.


Spending time in the kitchen after a long day can be therapeutic when we feel good about bringing nutritional value and great taste to our dish. Check out these dinner recipes that don’t only taste delicious but are nutrient-dense and healthy.

A Sweet Ending 

After a long day, sometimes the best thing to do is treat yourself to a delicious dessert. Check out these recipes for a sweet ending to your day.

Are you pining for more dairy-inclusive recipes? Check out our full list of delicious, nutritious and easy-to-make recipes here.

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