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School Nutrition

Missing meals and experiencing hunger impair children’s development and achievement. Hungry children are unable to focus in school, threatening educational success.

The Nevada School Breakfast Coalition is working to increase access to school breakfast meals around the state. Dairy Council of Nevada®, Association of Nevada Food Banks, Nevada Department of Agriculture, school nutrition and Nevada United Way have partnered together to provide funding and develop tools and resources for schools interested in expanding their breakfast programs and increasing participation.

Universal school breakfast is associated with:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced tardiness
  • Reduced behavior problems
  • Reduced nurse’s office visits
  • Increased standardized test achievement scores
  • Higher grades
  • Positive learning environments

Flavored Milk in School Breakfast & Lunch

Flavored milk doesn’t detract from any of its nutritional benefits. It just makes it more delicious! Over 68% of milk offered in schools is flavored, with chocolate winning as the milk of choice. A pilot study at one school district that removed chocolate milk from the menu revealed a decline in total milk sales by almost 10% and a decrease in lunch sales by nearly 8%. Chocolate milk is a delicious way for kids to get the nutrients they need and when it comes to post-workout recovery, chocolate milk rehydrates the body and refuels tired muscles. Check out the following infographics for the benefits of, and nutritional content of chocolate milk.

Fuel Up to Play with Breakfast Bags

Schools enrolled in Fuel Up to Play 60, with a designated program advisor, may qualify for insulated bag sets that include one 15.5”x15.5”x14” bag, one 16”x16”x6” bag and a cart. These sets are perfect for transporting milk and food items for breakfast in the classroom.

To request these bags please email us.

To view other options and equipment that your school can request, please download our 2018 Nevada School Equipment Catalog [PDF Download].

Interested in something you found in our equipment catalog? If you’re located in northern Nevada, reach out to Libby Lovig by emailing her at and if you’re located in southern Nevada, send a message to Jen at or Jake at

A Resource on How to Add Smoothies to the School Menu

Offering smoothies at school is a great way to supply nutritious foods that are part of your reimbursable meals and à la carte menu. School nutrition professionals recognize the importance of dairy in the diet, and smoothies that contain real milk pack a powerhouse of essential nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. Students can enjoy a variety of flavors using yogurt, different fruits and vegetables, and even chocolate milk! Plus, students may be more likely to consume milk that they might not typically select with their school meals. The opportunities are endless when it comes to the flavor profile that a simple smoothie can provide. Check out this guide for sample menus, menu planning ideas, success stories, and more.

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