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Farm to Moment

These are moments powered by dairy—from our farm to your home.

Sweet Things are Made of This

Dairy makes our most cherished memories possible. As farmers, we strive to give our communities the best, so they can live full lives (and have full bellies). 

We’re home to 22 different dairy farms ranging from 500 to over 25,000 cows, all dedicated to ensuring health, nutrition, and wellness with our dairy products. Let’s savor the moment by breaking out the milk and cookies and raising a glass!

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Keep Yourself & the Kids Amoooosed

Did you know an average cow produces eight gallons of milk per day? That’s over 100 glasses of milk! Kids of all ages can learn more fun facts while they color, fill in dairy-inspired word searches, and make delicious snacks.

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Make Your Cooking Legend-Dairy

Each month, we share a new dish from a local chef on our Facebook page. Follow us to make dairy dishes that are sure to please the whole family—and then some! Better yet? Relish the moment and tackle the recipe together.

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In Queso You Didn’t Know

Nutritious, hydrating, and nutrient-rich, milk and other dairy products are packed with essential proteins and vitamins that fuel your body (and your mind!) to help you live to the fullest.

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Dive Deeper into Dairy

We know that dairy doesn’t just come from thin air—it takes hard work from everyone involved! That includes you. Explore how dairy products are made at our farm and how you can use them in your kitchen.

Farm to Table

Maintaining milk’s freshness and quality is a job that starts at the farm and continues through processing. Learn more about how dairy gets from the cows to your fridge.

Finding the Right Milk for You

Understanding the differences between milk and which one is best for our bodies can be challenging. Learn more about each one so you know which to pick next time you have to check milk off your grocery list.

Bringing Dairy to Life

From cheese and butter to yogurt and ice cream, your favorite snack has its own profile! Meet the Dairy Doodles to learn more about your favorite dairy products.

This is How We Milk the Moment

From touring the farms to using milk or cheese in our recipes, dairy is always a part of our cherished moments.
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