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Dairy Month

A Splash of Milk & Nostalgia

The same way that the 90s have a special place in our hearts, dairy has a special place in our coffees. We figured, why not combine them? A little moo with our brew.

Andrea Barber

Played Kimmy Gibbler on Full House

Chris Kirkpatrick

Member of boy band, *NSYNC

Sir Mix-A-Lot

90’s rapper known for “Baby Got Back”

Will Friedle

Played Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World

Moo-ve Back in Time

From creation to consumption, a lot of fun can be had over a glass of milk, a slice of cheese, or an ice cream cone—regardless of what generation you’re from. Dairy serves as the ultimate brain food, so you can remember the good times.

Dairy Never Goes Out of Style

The 90s may be our favorite decade, but did you know our Nevada farms have been around longer than that? These family-owned farms have seen all the styles come and go, from denim jackets to squeezable yogurt

Moo-tivated to Keep a Happy Herd

We care for our cows the same way you (should’ve) cared for your Tamagotchi pet: ensuring that their essential needs are met, so they can flourish. The overall health and happiness of the herd are important in producing quality milk.

Meet Our Cows

Milking a Difference with Sustainable Practices

We love the 90s, but we also keep our eyes turned towards the future. One way we’re reducing our environmental footprint is by using methane digesters. These break down organic material like cow manure to create biogas, which can be converted into electricity or fuel. (If you don’t care about our planet, talk to the hand.)

Learn About Sustainability

All That from a Glass of Milk

From calcium that keeps our bones as strong as 90s hip hop culture to protein that delivers the energy of a Spice Girls concert, dairy fuels us up for the day ahead. One glass of milk packs in 13 essential nutrients and 8 grams of protein that keep you healthy.

Dive Into Dairy’s Benefits

Cream of the Crop Content

Mooove over, cookbooks! We’ve made it easy for you to follow along with recipes that celebrate dairy while you play those 90s TV show reruns in the background.
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