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Dairy Month

Churning Out Champions

We’re celebrating Dairy Month from the field this year. Allow us to welcome you to a truly exciting event: The Dairy Games! Here, the stakes are high and the milk is cold.

For thousands of years, dairy has powered athletic excellence. professional sportspeople—from gymnasts and swimmers to volleyballers and runners—rely on it to get them through every stage of training. That’s why we’re bringing dairy into the spotlight.

Enter The Arena

Ever wanted a glimpse into the life of a professional athlete? We got the scoop on what a day of training looks like for two Olympians: a diver and a BMX rider. And, of course, The Dairy Games wouldn’t be complete without its own opening anthem. Tune in now.

Grace Hayes

Songwriter & Cheese Enthusiast

Krysta Palmer

Olympic Diver

Connor Fields

Olympic BMX Rider

Nourish The Champion Within

The path to greatness isn’t easy—but it can be delicious. Dairy products help all of us get hydrated, stay fueled, and recover quickly. It’s especially important for building up the strength of the young athletes who have their eyes on the prize.

Hydration that Lasts Longer

Did you know that milk is actually made up of 85% water? Yep! The nutrients involved—like protein, electrolytes, and fat—work together to hydrate your body. And, more than that, it keeps you hydrated for longer. Just a few sips and you can run another mile, swim another lap, or shoot your shot.

Read & Drink Up

Fuel Your Winning Spirit

Athletes of all ages follow a balanced diet to stay at the peak of their performance. While dairy offers key nutrients in building strong bones and muscle mass, you need more food to train hard. By knowing how much of each food group to incorporate into your meals, you’ll have more fun meal prepping and be more successful in making healthier choices.

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The Whey to Victory

For athletes, an essential part of preparing for the big games is recovering properly. There are two types of proteins in dairy that help with this: whey and casein. Both support post-exercise recovery, but the human body absorbs whey quicker. So remember to eat foods like Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and milk after a hard workout!

Feed Your Muscles

Daisy The Cow

As we cow-nt down the days until The Dairy Games, Daisy is busy training. She’s getting her heart rate up, taking stretching more seriously, and making sure to fuel up before, during, and after her workouts. It’s clear she’s in pursuit of grate-ness. To inspire young athletes around the globe, Daisy filmed her progress. Check it out!

Grab a Front Row Seat

Follow us to get the highlights from The Dairy Games and nutritious recipes that take your tastebuds to France. It’ll feel like you’ve got a view from the best spot in the stadium (aka, the first place podium)!
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