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Celebrating National Dairy Month!

June 3, 2019

June is National Dairy Month and we’re ready to celebrate! Dairy products are some of the most affordable, nutrient-dense foods you can consume. And besides being nutritious, they’re also delicious!

National Dairy Month originated in 1937 as National Milk Month. It started as a way to promote milk during the warm summer months and has since developed into an annual tradition that celebrates the dairy industry and its contributions to our communities.

To honor our favorite food group and the dedicated, local dairy farmers who produce it, we’re debunking milk myths and partnering with local restaurants and coffee shops to bring you the delicious truth about dairy.

Udder Nonsense

We’re sure you’ve heard the myths, rumors, and tall tales about dairy—like chocolate milk coming from brown cows (seriously)—but we’re here to tell you it’s udder nonsense! Dairy often gets a bad rap from a lot of unfounded myths. The true facts about dairy, from the real studies that have been done, continually show, over and over, that dairy is nutritious and an important part of a healthy diet.

So to set the record straight, we’re coming to you live from Sock Drawer Studios (there may be puppets involved) every week during Dairy Month! Believe us, you’re not going to want to miss this.

Other upcoming episodes include:

  • Does milk cause acne?
  • Is dairy farming a science?
  • Does milk contain antibiotics?

Visit our videos page to learn more about Nevada milk and stay tuned for a new Udder Nonsense episode, released weekly.

Community Partnerships

Community is so important. Working together to support each other and buy local, greatly improves our local economy. Our dairy farmers couldn’t do all that they do without the support of the local community. From restaurants to coffee shops to consumers, we thank you for purchasing local dairy products.

To highlight just how delicious dairy is, we’re partnering with local restaurants who get dairy products direct from your Nevada dairy farmers to create special, dairy-based dishes, just for dairy month. Be sure to stop in for lunch or dinner and ask for the Dairy Month special!

Sipping on a warm, creamy cup of coffee in the morning is one of our favorite daily moments. There’s nothing like a strong brew before we head out onto the farm or go about our daily tasks, and for us, there’s always room for milk (or cream). Look for our fun coffee sleeves at these locations:

Get Involved

It doesn’t take much to get involved and participate in Dairy Month—buy dairy, support our local partners (above), take a farm tour, join the conversation, and learn the true story behind all that udder nonsense.

Watch more episodes of Udder Nonsense and learn more about dairy month, our local partners, and farmers here.

So, let’s raise our glass (of milk, of course) to our favorite foods, the dairy farmers who make them, the local partners who use them, and YOU for loving dairy just as much as we do!

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