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Success Story: Hometown Grant Fuels New Disc Golf Enthusiasts

January 17, 2020

By: Robert Simonini, Sandy Searles Miller Elementary School

Play: Make Your Case for Quality Physical Education


  • Physical Activity Participation
  • Success with Funds
  • Teamwork

I was able to use funds from the Las Vegas Raiders initial Hometown Grant to implement a successful disc golf unit. There are several free disc golf courses in Las Vegas. My goal was to give the students an activity to participate in over the summer in the mornings. At the conclusion of the unit/school year, we distributed a Las Vegas Disc Golf Map to promote disc golf over the summer. The feedback I have received from the students leads me to believe it was successful. I have had several students tell me they went disc golfing over the summer.

How did you accomplish your goals?

My goal was to increase student physical activity during summer break. By the feedback I have received from my students, I feel I have accomplished my goal. The next step is to keep data on summer break physical activity via student survey.

How do you plan to make this play last during the school year and beyond?

My next activity I will use to provide quality physical education is Lacrosse. I was also able to secure enough equipment using funds from the grant to ensure each student in my class will have their own stick and ball to use during instruction.

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