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National Dairy Month: Ready to Celebrate?

June 5, 2020

We know celebrations look a little different this year, but we are still inspired and excited that it is Dairy Month. Let’s be honest, we are always dreaming about dairy whether we are out exploring Nevada or having a meal with our families.

We know what you are thinking, why a whole month to celebrate dairy? Milk contains 9 essential nutrients, 8g of protein, and consists of 85% water, making it nutritious and hydrating. As if this nutrient-dense tasty beverage wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, dairy products are also some of the most affordable, nutrient-dense foods you and your family can consume.

However, a month to celebrate dairy isn’t new, it’s more of a tradition. Originating in 1937 as National Milk Month before becoming National Dairy Month, it started as a way to promote milk during the warm summer months. Since then, it has developed into an annual tradition that celebrates the dairy industry and its contributions to our communities.

This year, we look to the Milky Way for some inspiration, because, after all, milk’s possibilities are practically out of this world. We’ll take you all over Nevada to share some of the places we see dairy, invite you to join the celebration in our favorite galaxy, and share some great ways to enjoy dairy with your family.

Throughout the month, these are some of the happenings you can expect to find:

    • Facebook Live event on Thursday, June 18th for a delicious dairy recipe. We’re already hungry just thinking about it.
    • Contests with fun prizes! (Hint: Do you know where your colored pencils are?)
    • Keep an eye out for some fun filters headed your way on Facebook and Instagram.
    • Doodle-filled fun activity downloads for you and the family.
    • Stories about dairy heroes in your community.
    • A journey of milk’s process from farm to store with our resident milk Phil-osopher.

Be a Star in Our Milky Way

Where do you see dairy? Celebrating National Dairy Month doesn’t take much. Snap a picture and show us everywhere you see dairy by tagging us on social.

Explore the Milky Way with your friends and family near and far by making a tasty dairy treat together. Just follow us on Facebook and Instagram to make one of the delicious dairy recipes we’ll be sharing throughout the month.

And of course, buy dairy. Enjoy your favorite dairy food this month to say thanks to the dairy farmers, local partners, and yourself for being part of The Milky Way!

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