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Join the Moo-vement. Adopt a Cow!

August 30, 2021

Looking for a new teacher’s assistant? A virtual pet for the classroom? How about something to look after that’s a little bigger than a hamster or guinea pig? Look no further. Discover Dairy has brought the Adopt a Cow program to Nevada. Now, your class can look after a 1,500-pound dairy cow.

Learn with Cottonwood Dairy

This educational year-long experience allows your students to get an inside look at dairy farming and be paired with a calf from Cottonwood Dairy, a family owned and operated business going on four generations. Cottonwood Dairy has two barns with 950-1,000 cows milked daily. Cottonwood Dairy runs 1,300 acres of farm ground both in Fallon and California to provide the highest quality hay, corn and grasses for the cows. The milk is used locally in northern Nevada as fluid drinking milk with the goal to provide the purest and most nutritional quality milk around.

Kids will discover a pasture-full of new information. By adopting a cow, they will find out what the cow’s name is, when her birthday is, where she lives and how Farmer Tim at Cottonwood Dairy takes care of her. 

The class will receive progress updates, photos, live chats from the farm, activity sheets for students, suggested lessons that follow Common CORE standards and even opportunities to write letters to your calf.

Making an impact during the pandemic

“Adopting a cow was the absolute highlight of the year,” said Ashley Riedy, orchestra teacher at 

Guinn Middle School in Las Vegas. “Every day the kids would come and ask about Buttercup — they decided her name needed more than just a first name, so to our class, she was Buttercup Bella Bimba. We wrote a song about her, recorded, played it at a concert, while pictures of our cow flashed across a screen. We made it on the local news several times about our orchestra overcoming obstacles and using the cow as a way to connect. As a teacher, this became one of my favorite things for a year. It kept my spirits high, and gave me something to smile at every day. During the trying times of the pandemic, you guys made a huge impact.”

Eligibility for educators

You are eligible to sign up for the free program if: 

✔️ You teach in a traditional classroom setting.

✔️ You are homeschooling your kids/family members/friends.

✔️ You run an after-school program.

✔️ You facilitate a library program.

✔️ You have an agriculture program at your museum or kid’s center.

Discover Dairy is an educational series managed by the Center for Dairy Excellence Foundation of Pennsylvania in partnership with American Dairy Association Northeast, Midwest Dairy, The Dairy Alliance, Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, New England Dairy, Dairy Farmers of Washington, American Dairy Association Mideast, Dairy Council of Florida and American Dairy Association of Michigan.

How to participate

The sign-up period has been EXTENDED to September 25, 2021! To enroll in the Adopt a Cow program, visit or contact the Dairy Excellence Foundation at 717-3460-0849 for more information.

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