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How Can I, as a Consumer, Help Dairy Farmers?

May 17, 2019
  1. Simply put, consume more dairy! Buying milk and other dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, butter, and ice cream is the best way to support dairy farmers and the dairy industry. If you’re looking for more ways to consume dairy and get your recommended daily servings, visit our website for delicious dairy-based recipes. Dairy works well to boost the flavor-profile and nutrition value of nearly every meal—creamer in your coffee, cheese sauce on broccoli, fettuccine with Alfredo sauce….we could keep going.
  2. When you can — buy local. It can be hard to find and buy dairy products that come direct from a local dairy farm. Did you know: many local dairy farms are part of co-ops and sell their milk to regional processing facilities? These operations help dairy farmers collaborate and share resources! Some local businesses have direct partnerships with local farms to source their ingredients. For example, in Reno, Coffee Bar only uses milk direct from Sand Hill Dairy, located in Fallon. You can also support local dairies and farmers through programs like Our Local Basket, which has partnered with northern Nevada farms, dairies, ranches, chefs, butchers, and more to bring local food to your doorstep. In addition, you can purchase local dairy products from places like the Great Basin Community Food Co-Op and Fallon Food Hub.
  3. Educate yourself and spread the word about the benefits of dairy. Dairy products are nutrient-rich, affordable, readily available and versatile. The nine essential nutrients found in dairy contribute to many bodily functions and processes including building strong bones, improving nerve function, assisting in muscle contraction, maintaining normal vision, and much more. Follow and engage with us on Facebook, we love getting asked questions the dairy industry.
  4. Get to know your dairy farmers and support them! Dairy farmers are part of the community — supporting them also supports your local economy. The dairy industry brings much more to the table than just food. It creates jobs from the farm to transport to processing and bottling, just here in the state of Nevada, the dairy industry creates over 7,000 jobs! We encourage you to take a tour of a local dairy farm (reach out on Facebook to learn how to schedule a tour) where you’ll learn more about how dairy farms function, the industry operates, and positive impact on the local economy.

Thank you for being a dairy fan! Have questions? Ask one of our experts here.


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