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A Local’s Food Guide to Reno Restaurants

June 30, 2022

It’s the time of year when the population in the Reno, Tahoe area is more transient. People visit from all over to see the different landscapes, enjoy a variety of freshwater lakes, and relish in the impressive food scene Reno has to offer. Whether you’re a Reno local or just traveling through, this guide will give you all the information you need to know on how to dine and imbibe at locally owned and operated businesses that have our favorite dairy-based recipes. 

Coffee & Tea

Old World Coffee Lab – See different locations below.

Old World Coffee Lab Midtown – Located in the heart of Midtown, this coffee shop is the perfect retreat from the chaos of the morning rush. One of our favorite beverages to consume here is an Iced Matcha Latte.

Old World Coffee Lab Carson City – Conveniently located just off the strip of downtown Carson City, this location is the perfect stop before you hit the mountains or Lake Tahoe. The Mocha Dragato has our hearts!

Old World Coffee Lab Northwest Reno – Old World Coffee’s newest location in Northwest Reno is a spot for the locals. While you’re on your way to Crystal Peak in Verdi, Nevada, drop into this location for a creamy, herbal and delicious London Fog. 

Hub Coffee Roasters – See different locations below. 

Hub Coffee Riverside – Positioned right next to the Truckee River this Coffee Shop is surrounded by lush trees and exceptional walking paths. On a hot summer day our favorite treat is an Iced Lemon Latte with milk. 

Hub Coffee Pine Street – Centered right on Pine street this location is perfect to ride bikes to, spend an afternoon, or enjoy a slower morning. Sit at the bar and enjoy the perfect Cappuccino. 

Coffeebar – See different locations below. 

Coffeebar Midtown – There’s nothing quite like accompanying your coffee with a great breakfast. At Coffeebar Midtown, they have a full-service kitchen for you to indulge in all your latte and breakfast burrito delights. 

Coffeebar Roastery – Tucked away, this roastery is for our tried and true coffee drinkers. This roastery provides a panoramic view of what happens behind the scenes of Coffeebar and pays homage to the authentic practices of old school coffee shops. To immerse yourself in the roastery experience, order a pour-over with a side of heavy cream.

Bibo Coffee Company 

Bibo Coffee Center – In the summertime, Bibo Coffee on Center St. is the perfect place for an afternoon pick me up. Serving coffee and house-made gelato we can’t pass up the opportunity for a perfect Affogato. They have a variety of unique flavors including our current favorite gelato, vanilla with chunks of chocolate chips. 

Bibo Coffee Midtown – Bibo Coffee located in Midtown is a cult classic and for good reason. This coffeeshop has been operating for years and it’s a spot the locals just can’t pass up. This cozy nook is perfect to hide out from the sweltering heat, order a Dirty Chai with milk and thank us later. 

Bibo Foothills – If you happen to be in South Reno, grab an Iced Vanilla Latte with milk at Bibo Foothills. This location is centrally located in a shopping district, perfect for those who want a quick grab and go or relish in the morning calm at a quaint coffee shop. 


Batch Cupcakery – It’s not a vacation without the sweets, right? Batch cupcakery is an oasis of all the post dinner delicacies. The best part is Batch Cupcakery offers desserts to meet the needs of each guest, with gluten-free and healthier options, this is the perfect place to end your night. You can never go wrong with a vanilla bean cupcake at Batch Cupcakery. 

Dorinda’s Chocolates – Sometimes our love language comes in the form of a box of chocolates. Whether that’s the case or not for you, Dorinda’s Chocolates has us swooning for more. The Salted Caramel Milk Chocolates will leave you drooling for more. 

Rolled Mountain Creamery – If you’ve never had Thai Rolled Ice Cream, Rolled Mountain Creamery’s rendition of this is an absolute must try. Ice cream experts pour cold flavored cream thinly over a cold plate, once frozen they roll the ice cream up into curls and top it with sweet treats of your choice. In the summertime, the patio in the evening time is packed with people enjoying cold desserts on warm nights. 


BJ’s Barbeque – Hailing just on the edge of Reno and Sparks, BJ’s Barbeque is a testament to finding exceptional barbeque on the West Coast. However, this barbeque joint is also known for its southern take on breakfast, we’ll never pass up creamy and cheesy grits topped with shrimp at BJ’s to start our day. 

Two Chicks – Two Chick’s claim to fame originally began with a women-owned Grilled Cheese Food Truck. The success of their truck inspired them to build out a storefront, Two Chicks. Book a reservation to hold your place for the tastiest Grilled Cheese Benedict. 

Josef’s Vienna Bakery & Cafe – Josef’s Vienna is truly a place where anyone can find something absolutely delicious. When you walk in, you’re immediately greeted by an extensive selection of European-style pastries. The dining area is a full-service restaurant and the menu is decorated with dishes from all over European countries. The luscious Baked Eggs are one of our go-to’s and if you’re really hungry, order a side of cheesy spaetzle. 


Süp Restaurant – If you happen to be cruising around Midtown, stop in at Süp. The folks there make a daily selection of unique and tasty soups to accompany a wide variety of tasty sandwiches or salads. You can really never go wrong with a Grilled Cheese Sandwich dipped into a Creamy Tomato Bisque at Süp.  

Perenn Bakery – See different locations below. 

Perenn Midtown – The original location for Perenn Bakery is centrally located in Midtown off of St. Lawrence. Locals swoon over the delectable pastries that Perenn makes. Their classic croissant is laminated and layered with butter and bread, it’s almost too good to just have one. Be warned, if you don’t come early for pastries they might sell out.

Perenn Rancharrah – This is Perenn’s newest extension of their pastry empire and it’s a retreat from the Downtown/Midtown hustle and bustle. With an open kitchen, guests have the front seat view of all the magic unfolding that is, Perenn. Spend an afternoon snacking on scrumptious layered pastries and lunch plates. The ricotta toast fuels us for the rest of the day’s activities. 

The Cheese Board – Life’s too short not to spend lunch time grazing on a charcuterie board. At Cheese Board, you can enjoy select cheeses, cured meats, compotes and breads to fill your heart’s desire. 


DOPO Pizza + Pasta – This new pizza and pasta joint, DOPO has quickly become a Reno staple. The ambiance of the space is particularly fitting for a Midtown dining experience. With locals cruising in on road bikes and familiar faces serving pizzas and fresh pasta, this restaurant is great for people watching. The Quattro Formaggio (four cheese) pizza is simple yet wonderfully executed.

Liberty Food & Wine Exchange – Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Reno, Liberty Food & Wine Exchange is a locals and regulars spot. Liberty’s extensive menu is inspired by Mark Estee and Chef Geoffery Caliger and caters to all guests. The Kale Salad mixed with crispy grana padano lemon vinaigrette and topped with a poached egg is a must. If you plan on dining in, book a reservation, tables get booked quickly. 

South Creek Pizza Co – Mozzarella made in house? Sign us up! South Creek Pizza Co, is a hidden gem that provides only the freshest ingredients. If you’re in the South Reno area drop by South Creek for brick oven cooked pizzas topped with fresh cheese and tasty toppings.

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